Is it normal that i miss my favorite teacher so much

I miss my teacher so much!

- She was my high school math teacher last year. I am now graduated from high school. It s almost like I connected to her, but I don t know if she connected. She was one of the best teachers, i ve ever had. Over the course of the school year, I started to like her more and more everyday. If you do not already have a Display Name, please create one here. I also got frustrated, because I couldn't control my emotions and broke into tears in front of my whole grade because I believed I was never going to see her again. I tried to provide them with a rich, meaningful curriculum that helped them think, learn, and be more understanding and educated citizens of our world. A female age 16-17, anonymous writes: I am really confused about my feelings for my former teacher. I think of my colleagues back at work this morning, pushing the current of knowledge along, standing and talking and listening and questioning as much as they can. To witness the deepening professional practice and capacity of a colleague was incredibly fulfilling.

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- I was very affectionate towards her and sometimes she was the same towards. I miss her terribly! For the first two weeks I missed her so much it physically hurt, as if my insides were falling apart, although I hope I imagined that feeling. I also got frustrated, because I couldn t control my emotions and broke into tears in front of my whole grade because I believed I was never going to see her again. If it s more than that, you should try to figure out why you miss that teacher so much. I have often asked myself how I will feel about my work when I look back. I miss our class mascot, a rubber chicken we named Dinner, soaring across the classroom during question-and-answer sessions. Ill miss what makes each child unique. I made a lot of mistakes those first few years, and if youre a former student reading this, you have my apologies. (We won a catered lunch for the whole class).

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- Because (good) teachers act professionally and often are caring, they can take on roles in your mind (surrogate parent, best friend) that you should examine. Perhaps you are missing something from the rest of your life. I miss my french teacher who ive known since year. She is truly amazing and when the hit the fan she was the only one who believed in me right til the very end in French and German when all the other teachers hated me for no apparent. I Miss So Much, about,. A holiday tree ornament. For the first two weeks I missed her so much it physically hurt, as if my insides were falling apart, although I hope I imagined that feeling. We, as teachers, feel like celebrities in our own schools! The school has told us multiple different reasons, one of them being that she is expecting a a baby, so I'm not completely sure what is happening. I miss the sincere faces of last years students stopping by to say.

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- Job : A, teacher, with Cancer Reflects on Her Years in the Classroom. And so, hearing my doctor say the word cancer tipped me into disbelief. It shattered my trust. Summer is great and all, but there are so many amazing moments teachers miss. Jenn Larson on May 12, 2017 For teachers, any time of the year is busy with lesson plans, grading, meetings, and more. I am no longer working. Id been running 5k and 10k races, eating mostly vegetarian foods, drinking tea, practicing yoga and meditation. I feel lost now that that Im no longer among them. What would I wish Id done differently? Lastly, Ill miss seeing how they turn out. Ground Rules for Posting We encourage lively debate, but please be respectful of others.

Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. I wouldnt call those early years a pleasure. Each year, I have this feeling that Ill never get to know and love a new class the way I loved the last one (most years, anyway)! Grief washes over. This news came as a complete shock. Even though sometimes we tend to view the class as a whole, deep down, good teachers know that a class is truly made up of individuals. It is part off life missing people. Its morning and Im back in the garage, sorting through the old books and dust. View related questions: my teacher - Rate this Question, reply to this Question, share. Each recurrence has meant more chemotherapy, more surgery, and worse survival odds. Those would be my words to offer as I close the class door; they are the words I want to set free. When we spend a whole school year with our students, theres nothing better than seeing them really get something, like long division, finding the theme, or how to write a paragraph. There was no easing into retirement, no slow denouement into those Golden Years. Cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cayenne. I miss, too, the somber silence when students studied the cruelty of the Crusades. And so, hearing my doctor say the word cancer tipped me into disbelief. Rate this answer, a female reader, Youcannotbeserious, writes This lady sounds very special and it is probably not surprising you are missing her so much. Ill miss our shared experiences. Ill miss sharing holidays with them. And did I mention the spices that lit up our meals? I understand that at some schools, teachers arent allowed to give hugs. Ill miss seeing them grow. Why do I even miss her so much? In the three years since then, Ive had two recurrences, for a total of three rounds with cancer. First Person, by Johanna Rauhala, january 14, 2020, crates of books gather dust in the garage. I grew to love this role, tooespecially the process of seeing teacher growth. The tumor was large, and cancer cells had spread to my lymph nodes. It gave me hope for our profession, our children, and our future., but that future was stolen in late March 2016, when I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. I won't send another one, since I think that if she wouldn't have minded me bothering her, she would have replied. On some days, beset with a new and perplexing problem, we sat in silence. But the truth is that when a new year starts, new bonds are made, and the magic happens all over again. Our experiences as a class become our shared history and are landmarks for the time we spent together. I would like to think I became a better teacher., before I knew it, 17 years were behind me, including some time off to finish my masters and to raise our daughter. I have a special spot to display these near my desk. She was a role model for you and you miss her. I'd switch between being sad whenever I thought of her, which is much more often than I thought it would be, and being angry at her for suddenly disappearing and at the school for not telling. I like knowing that Ryans thing is soccer, that Shelby loves to bring seaweed as a snack, and that Rochelle takes competitive dance classes. When/ if she'll come back, I won't get attached to her again. But I feel so honored to have been among them. She has already had a big impact on your life and your view of the world, and that will always be special. I miss being part of a thoughtful, caring profession, and the deep contentment that comes from meaningful work. Sometimes we celebrated a students new understanding. My masters degree, framed. I loved and cherished these precious doors to connection, to opportunity. I miss her terribly! Org, you can post comments. But when spring hits, its crunch time. In yet another: letters from kids and a wreath students bought me after my first year teaching. Ill miss the little notes and pictures they make for. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. As a class, we have a collective set of memories together, whether it was a field trip we took together, a class project we did (like our Wax Museum) or the time one of our students got first place in the Healthy Eating poster contest. The recipe for good health had been a checklist in our house, and wed followed it closely. Holidays in the classroom can be pure craziness but underneath it all, theres something pretty awesome about seeing how much each child enjoys the chance to wear a costume, make a snowman, or deliver a valentine.