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- Express Lanes allow SunPass, E-pass, LeeWay and enrolled rental car customers to travel safely at highway speeds while overhead gantries record the toll transactions. Most major rental car companies now offer their customers the option of including tolls with the credit card used to rent the vehicle. Rental companies in Florida make use of the SunPass system on toll roads in the state. This allows drivers to stay on the main highway and avoid slowing their journey at toll booths. In this article we look at how easy it is to use the physical SunPass transponder now found in most hire cars from Budget. For now American Traffic Solutions (ATS) with Avis, Budget and Hertz are the clear leader in Florida. It works for rental cars going through SunPass-Only lanes. They are usually mounted in a lead-lined box that opens and closes. Rental car companies say most customers love the convenience of being covered for tolls automatically. Myktag from Kansas is the best option.

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- SunPass also sells stickers for.95 but once attached to your rental car, you cant take it with you when your rental period is complete. As I mentioned above, the Central Florida Expressway Authority is piloting a new automated toll payment solution for select visitors to Florida who are renting a car from the Orlando International Airport. The rental car was from Budget. No, I didn t pay extra to have the Sunpass and I definitely didn t activate the Sunpass because I surely didn t know how to. They told me on the phone that this does happen alot. How do the tolls get charged against MY unit and not on the rental car's unit (unless the rental cars all use "Toll by Plate"? 4 Ways to Avoid Paying Extra for a Rental Car Toll Transponder. Both ATS and Rent A Toll pioneered their video tolling. What he doesn't say there is they also reduce toll operators losses from unpaid tolls. Photo Credit: Shutterstock, confused about how to pay tolls when renting a car? Both the Turnpike and Orlando are converting barrier plazas to highway speed open road tolling through the middle. If your rental car comes with an E-ZPass transponder and you don't want to use it, try to close.

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- Confused about how to pay tolls when renting a car? Car rental companies charge through the nose for electronic toll billing programs such as E-ZPass or FasTrak, which is why it made our list of ways car rental companies rip you reover, you have to worry about more than. Car Rental Toll Charges - Alamo TollPass Program. The Alamo TollPass program is our electronic toll collection program which makes travel more convenient! On roadways covered by our TollPass service, the program eliminates the need for travelers to carry change or wait in long cash payment lines at toll plazas, allowing Alamo renters to drive. SunPass has.5m transponders in use and about.5m accounts, and does 64 of toll transactions to 36 cash. Rental car customers will have to pay cash. Jim Tuton of ATS says that with whole national fleets of three rental cars in their database vehicles moving from one state to another are always "enabled" for customers to use their service. The agreements with the Turnpike are "non-exclusive" so others can enter later if they can sell their services to rental car companies, Centner says. They could enrol and pay tolls on the road.". Yes, Rosied223, I did look up the FL transportation dept./toll road web-site, and it appears we will only really encounter tolls right near.

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- United States - Florida SunPass and Rental Cars - Can I use a Mini Transponder on a rental car by holding it tightly up to the windshield. The instructions say it needs to be attached because the. I will be picking up a rental car @ MCO. Will be headed to the Gulf coast from there. I understand that most rental car companies have the Sun Pass installed in them. Tollroads in Florida are rapidly reducing the role of cash toll collection. This transponder from PlatePass is open. "His toll bill from tolls:.96. Tampa toll authority have no cash collection on their new reversible elevated express express lanes in the Crosstown Expressway and already do video tolling there for normal customers. So, I expect that we will be going over that bridge and thru the toll booth lane at least 4 or 5 times; so not sure if the wait here is normally quite long and annoying or not? "We could open up PlatePass to the general public so they could log in by telephone with voice prompts or on the web. Fox offers a similar product as Dollar and Thrifty in some areas, but the price varies8.99 per day in Florida and.49 per day in Northern California.

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- Does anyone know if it is the mini (the sticker which is not supposed to be removed) or the portable which can be moved from car to car? I am interested in bypassing the rental car s unit and purchasing my own thru the. The Enterprise TollPass program is our electronic toll collection program. On roadways covered by our TollPass service, travelers don t need to carry change or wait in long cash payment lines at toll plazas. The car rental toll pass program is offered in different ways depending on where you rent. PlatePass will bill the car renters' credit cards by the amount of tolls plus a daily fee.00.50 levied on days when a toll charge is incurred by the car renter. The difference:.41, or the.99 daily pass fee for six days plus taxes and fees according to the Chicago Times. And for the central US (Kansas to Texas. Use your own car's toll transponder. Avis and, budget charge.95 daily fee for every day you use a toll up to.75 maximum per rentalplus the tolls, of course. Alamo, National, and, enterprise charge.95 daily fee for every day you use a toll up to.75 maximum per rentalplus the tolls, of course.

Different billing styles, under agreements between video toll agencies (ATS and Rent A Toll) and their rental car clients car renters are charged tolls that cover toll costs plus a margin for other costs and profit. Houston and, dallas - on the Harris County and North. Under the agreement the agency companies - in this case ATS and Rent A Toll - will supply the Sunpass agency with constantly updated lists of license plate numbers and other details of vehicles in the rental car fleets that are eligible for video billing. Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops. Bring it with you and then, when you pick up the rental car, either call the provider or log into your account online to add your rental car's license plate. The Sunpass system's video enforcement cameras will record the passes of rental cars under their gantries. In mixed mode lanes where SunPass transponders work along with cash collection there will be no video toll. ATS PlatePass will enrol all vehicles of the three rental car companies (Avis, Budget, Hertz) automatically. Be aware that this doesn't work everywhere, as some toll roads are electronic-only, and driving through the reader will automatically trigger a bill to the rental company. If you travel frequently, it might be worth ordering a second transponder on your account to keep in your travel bag. Highway Toll Administration LLC which claims to be the largest and most long established rental car toller - it issues E-ZPass transponders through much of the northeast and mid. Dollar and, thrifty offer an all-inclusive option for.49 per rental day (or.49 per week) that includes all tolls. They'd give us their license plate number and credit card, and that would. With potential violators' number plates run against the list of eligible vehicles the rental car users will be billed the tolls instead of getting violation notices. A portable hard-case transponder that works everywhere in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas costs 25, or you can get the sticker version for free (they're not meant to be portable, but we've had good luck just holding the sticker firmly against. Florida Turnpike Enterprise which runs the state's SunPass transponder account system today announced contract agreements with American Traffic Solutions which is acting on behalf of Avis, Budget and Hertz and with Rent A Toll acting for Dollar and Thrifty. Decline it, though, and any toll you fail to pay in cash will cost you a 15 administrative fee. Payless works similarly to sister companies Avis and Budget, but it's a little cheaper.95 per day, up to.75 maximum fee. Atlantic states - stood aside in Florida. ATS PlatePass bills renters for actual tolls plus a daily fee, while Rent A Toll under their branded Pass24 charges a larger flat daily fee regardless of toll charges incurred. The Turnpike announcement, the first for rental car video tolls throughout a heavily tolled state, says officials are hopeful of reaching agreement shortly for Enterprise, Alamo and National to join in video tolling too. Rent A Toll on behalf of Dollar and Thrifty will be offering video toll service in the Orlando area from October 7 and through the rest of Florida by the end of October, they say. In summary, if you're going to be traveling on toll roads, you can avoid surcharges if you pay cash at the toll booth (where possible) or bring your own transponder. It's pretty cheap and easy to get one, even if you don't live in a state with toll roads. The Turnpike Enterprise is making all its new toll points transponder-only. Not sure it is worth the stress / aggravation to find this out! Nearly Florida-wide SunPass covers not only the Florida Turnpike tollroads but also the tollroads of Tampa and Miami -Dade. Hertz charges.95 fee (plus the toll) for every day you use a toll road. Advantage reportedly charges 13 per day. Rent A Toll's Pass24 on Dollar and Thrify cars will provide coverage of unlimited tolls for a flat daily fee.95 or a weekly.95 for the time the car is rented. If you'll be traveling in the Northeastern US (Illinois to Virginia to Maine) where tolls are handled by the E-ZPass consortium, we recommend ordering a transponder from Massachusetts since there is no monthly fee and the cost of the. The separate LeeWay electronic toll system on toll bridges in Lee County ( Fort Myers on the west coast) is not yet covered, but will be joining soon. Closing the box hides it so the toll plaza can't see. PlatePass plans Jim Tuton of ATS PlatePass says they have been working with E-470 to do video tolling for rental cars on the Denver CO system. Miami Dade Expressway Authority has a program for phasing out cash collection over the next several years.