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- Although the Yamaha C3 or XF50 didn't receive a great reception in the United States, it is growing in popularity and your or future C3 is a thing to be appreciated. The C3 is a transition from the sport or race inspired design we see in things such as the Zuma from Yamaha. This vehicle is a reliable and functional one with its larger under-seat storage compartment and 50cc 4-stroke engine. Yamaha C3 / C-cubed (XF50) Yamaha announced the C3 (pronounced C cubed) as part of their 2007 line up in the USA and Canada. The C3 was only the North American name for Yamahas XF50 scooter, which was also sold as the Vox in Japan and the Giggle in many European countries. This is what we are about so then what we are not about is a warehouse with a whole bunch of scooters and parts that we dropship* without a care in the world is what we are. Yamaha Scooter Parts, GY6 Scooter Parts, Minarelli Parts, Linhai Aeolus Scooter Parts, Franco Morini TGB Hyosung Aprilia, Stage6, Malossi, Polini. Its this same great engine that Yamaha used in the new for 2007 C3 and later in the 2012 Zuma 50F. Or does this look a little like the old Cushman ( or Salsbury,. June 2007 - I'm pretty sure it's the obvious design homage to the Cushman that drew me to the Yamaha. When it was introduced, the C3 was the third 50cc scooter in Yamahas already strong lineup (Vino 50 and Zuma). This engine was not only technologically ahead of anything else to date, its also more powerful and fuel efficient than Hondas current 50cc engine (the GET2 used in the Ruckus Metropolitan).

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- Yamaha VP 250 X-City Forsa Adjustable Shock Absorber (358 mm). Apr 23, 2011 Yamaha C3, performance Upgrade April 23, 2011. To celebrate my third year riding my 2008 Yamaha C3, I decided to void the rest of the warranty and tune up the performance a bit. Unfortunately, theres a very small amount of useful information out there about the. Yamaha Zuma 50 High Performance Upgrades The Yamaha Zuma has many upgrades for better performance such as top end and take off to keep up with traffic that allows the consumer many options in a wide range range of affordable parts. The entire seat platform is hinged on the left side and lifts to expose the underseat storage. After the snow melts. There's a large speedometer with an integrated odometer, a fuel gauge and some warning lights. Everything we offer we have tried ourselves and know it works. Considering the available storage on most other scooters in this class, the Yamaha C3 ranks as excellent for space. In Canada this model was dropped after 2010, but not before offering some great colour options like the military inspired Dark Greenish Gray and the two tone Black/Red option.

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- A great Example is the service parts like belts and roller weights with slider weights and kevlar belts. Jun 09, 2013 Re: G1 front shock upgrade I really dont know the answer with a lift kit. They mount perfectly right inplace of the stock shocks but add 1 1/4 inches of lift or travel and I feel the rears are good for 4 people or a dump bed etc. There stout but give a nicer ride then stock shocks. Other than the neat engine, Yamaha has also given the C3 huge storage under the seat which comes in very handy for many items. Vino 50 and the third generation (2012 zuma 50F. If storage is your primary consideration, the. If you dont, you could utilize the XF50s decent aftermarket parts industry to overhaul the look or you could look at the mechanically similar and retro styled Vino. The Yamaha C3 is a 50cc ( well, 49cc really ) four-stroke scooter and, depending on where you live, doesn't require a motorcycle endorsement to operate.

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- View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for David Dukes in Alabama (AL). Salut tout le monde J ai un bug avec mon tlphone. Tons of free goodies to build your own scenes, in one place! Sermon on, isaiah 6:8: We Are All Called Sept. This thoughtful and extremely challenging campus transformation (of undisclosed cost is not about wild, reinvent-the-wheel architectural form. Im trying to tip toe around this one, but I think it's fair to say that the styling isn't for everyone. With Scootertronics you get peace of mind with your new scooter. Compared to the 50cc 4-stroke Hondas, the C3 is faster accelerating with a similar or slightly higher top speed around 41-43mph (64-70km/hr). How shall I put this. I did not have an opportunity to run the Yamaha C3 side-by-side with a Honda Metropolitan or Kymco 4-stroke 50cc, but based on my impressions from the Metros I have ridden, the C3 feels a touch faster. Having about a 30 inch inseam myself, I consider this to be a normal seat height, it's the rest of you freakishly tall people with your 34 inch inseams that are the weirdoes. Yamaha says that there is nine gallons of storage capacity.

Here's the link to the Yamaha C3 webpage: px, yamaha C3 Scooter Delivered to a JustGottaScoot Member. I did not do a formal fuel mileage test, but based on about 50 miles of riding, it looks like fuel economy will be in the miles per gallon range. Thanks to, motoPrimo and Jonathan Wheelock ( the sales manager at MotoPrimo Central I was given a Yamaha C3 to play with for a day. Over.99, home, site Map, about Us, privacy Policy. Honda Elite 110 had perhaps the largest underseat storage area of any small scooter, with two helmets fitting inside. Even though a lot of states call the license plate a "moped I'm not going to use that particular 'm'-word in describing the Yamaha. Using Kart tracks and racing on days Motards race Scootertronics brings their high powered two stroke scooters to the rack for one fine show of racing skills on hopped up 49cc two stroke scooters. With any luck, Lysle will let us know more about his riding impressions. The floorboard location is key in the C3, because it frees up the entire underseat area for storage. Hopefully, this additional feature will help prevent that from happening to Yamaha C3 owners. Yeah, it's probably just. If the look appeals to you ( as it does to me ) - go for it! The Yamaha C3 is a one-person ride, not really any provision for a passenger. If you are looking for a small, friendly, cheap to ride scooter the Yamaha C3 is a great value. I suspect even Yamaha knows this (they call it the Giggle in Europe). Motor, this great little engine is perhaps the most impressive thing about the. Frankly, I consider the Honda to be the main competition for the. I have seen more people than I care to mention purchase these cheap scooters only to run into serious mechanical issues and no support. Ruckus, Yamaha, zuma, Vespas, lX/S 50 and Kymcos, like. This gauges measures the up.2 gallons youve got in the C3s floorboard located tank. People who buy scooters like the Yamaha C3 or the Honda Metro ( and there are lots of them ) know that quality, support and longevity cost a certain amount. MotorscooterGuide Forums - Visit the forum on this site to chat about this scoot. Links: C3 Service Manual - Very helpful manual for working on your. It's shallower toward the rear, but as you can see in the above image, my "mellon-head" 3/4 helmet fit easily in the front part. My wife Beverly said she thought this would be the best scooter out there for someone to learn on if they were a little skittish of the whole scooter scene. Review - Add Your Review, pros: * Awesome engine * Milage * Storage, cons: * Styling * Drum brakes * Shallow underseat storage doesnt hold a full face helmet.