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Never in a million years is it something that I would let bother. Not sure what to do at this point. RTX card sounds more like a spinning hard drive buzzing really hard or like I have a small tattoo parlor in my case. Other than the fact that they have no idea why they shouldn't. Comments from those with FTW hardware would be appreciated. Only happens during high frame rates. Let's me know there's hard work being done. Curious to hear if anyone else is experiencing loud buzzing from their new. I'm hoping the coil whine issues on these 20 series cards are limited to the FE boards so it's potentially avoidable? I actually think it sounds kinda cool honestly. I don't get why people make such a fuss about. I know it is not impossible for them to come from the factory without making any noise. To one extent or another. Some are louder than others of course. I don't want to apply hot glue or anything else that would make warranty service more likely to be rejected. Nvidia has offered an RMA, but I just waited a month for this thing, now I have to ship it back and wait longer? And finally, I have existing GPUs (two evga GTX 1080 SC) that have no perceptible coil whine. Coil whine is not something you need to concern yourself with as far as the operation of the card. Which I sorta get. I have experienced coil whine in the past, high pitched/frequency nails on the chalkboard kind of sound, this. RTX 2080 graphics card? I did GPU mining with the 10 series cards and never experienced significant coil whine on any of the many 1070s and 1080tis I had for that. Just not when it's due to coil whine. I'm pretty sure Nvidia is making a healthy profit off these 1200 cards. Which is what coils. For those viewing this thread to see if it's "just me, or how many others" I'll add my report that my 2080, xC also has some especially nasty coil whine, compared to the fan noise it's much louder. They also stated that I would potentially get a refurbished card in return. Or are just very picky about their computer making any sound at all when it's running. I have an, rTX 2080 making this supposed coil whine. I have an 850W Corsair Platinum PSU. I think my issue might be that I m running the entire card off of one pcie power, that splits into two 8-pin connectors. Do you think using two separate pcie 8 Pin connectors would fix the issue? Re: RTX 2080 coil whine 2018/10/07 12:54:28 ChaobSiroc For those viewing this thread to see if it s just me, or how many others I ll add my report that my 2080, xC also has some especially nasty. Jan 24, 2019, eVGA. RTX 2080, fTW3, coil Whine (1 month after and heavy burn in) - Duration: 0:34. Cyrus Vane 1,305 views. How to reduce coil whine on a graphics card (ft. GTX 1080) - Duration: 10:32. Mar 13, 2019, i have now tested 4 asus strix 2080ti in hope of finding one without coil whine. They all have it, also in the 60-80 FPS range, and its driving me nuts as Im trying to build a very silent. My PSU is a new Corsair HX850i which ought to be of good enough quality. Is it even possible to get. I received my 2080. Ti FE last week. It has bad coil whine. I tried with three different power supplies: evga P2 650, Corsair HX750i and Sea Sonic Prime Titanium 1000W. The noise persisted for all three. So I requested a replacement card from Nvidia. Today it arrived, and again, with all three. Dec 07, 2018, i bought card 8 days ago. The card was fine till today. Now I get coil whine when i m IN-Game. When I alt tab to desktop, coil whine dissapear and retab to game, it comes back. Most intense games coil whines appear then a few mins it dissapear. But if i close game and reopen it comes back. I also have the fan revving problem. Do I have a faulty. Feb 06, 2019, in particular, look out for reviews of various 2060s and check that it was reported good for coil whine - TPU reviews are a great place to start. Also, while the PSU might affect it somewhat, the lion s share of the blame is on the card. As for others who say that coil whine is nothing to worry about, I disagree. Things haven't slowed down since then, and this little list right here is a round up of the best that Moto currently has to offer). Your UMass email is the primary source for communication with professors and advisors. One-click These are the best unlocked phones on Amazon for every budget Amazon is one of the easiest places to go buy an unlocked phone and have it delivered in a flash. Fixed an issue where some desks, backpacks, trunks, cabinets, and other interactable objects in Wayrest and Stormhaven that were not dropping any loot. #7:- Hindi Shayari, if you are a real lover of Hindi Shayari, you are gonna amused by the links that I have provided here. 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